Monday, February 5, 2007


Welcome to the staffing blog. This is my first post here, so I thought may be to start with an editorial section first, just like any magazine has its introduction done by its Editor. The aim of this blog is to share and know more about the Staffing Industry.......thats why I named it as the Staffing Blog. Whether you are part of the staffing industry or looking forward to being a part of it, we can share our knowledge on the same as well as get to know more about it from you.
Its not been much long for me in this industry, you can count me to be a novice........but thats the very reason which inspired me to dedicate an entire blog to it. Till date I have loved being part of this industry and will encourage others to join.....because this industry has the potential to offer high growth prospects with good returns.........and let me tell you these returns are not just financial......but also career wise one can expect good returns, which you will know very soon.
So if you are reading this, which I appreciate very much, then I request you to please keep visiting this blog.........contribute to it as well as let us know how we can make it more richer and better content wise.

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