Tuesday, June 2, 2009

boom time or doom time

The past year has been very interesting and not so exciting with the downfall of major mogul companies like lehmann brothers, Satyam computers to name a few (though the list can go on but that is not the purpose of this article as the list can be procured from the internet). But what makes the matters worst is the condition and the position in which this scenario has sent the common man in or rather the employees be it fulltime parttime or temporary workers (consultants). Everybody is in chaotic state and the scene still worsens. Top level employees are an exception to this situation though, am talking about the CEOs or members of the board of directors who have escaped all this and that too with millions of hard earned dollars of their employees and the tax payers (as most of these were public companies).

It is said that recession in the USA has consistently hit every 7 years if you track down the past 50 years of industrial growth. It sounds as if the clock ticks and smarter or villianous people await that opportunity by gulping down millions of dollars every 7 years. I say this cause similar incidents happened in the recession of 2001 when billion dollar frauds were done by top notch CEOs of IT companies bringing about the establishment of SOX (the so called auditing of IT companies and their operations to avoid such a mess in the future which I doubt has been of any use seeing what has been happening in the recent times).

If history has been repeating itself for past 50 years and making the scenario worst everytime (This time an entire country was on the verge of declaring national bankruptcy ICELAND) doesnt it occur to anybody or hasnt it occured to somebody about doing something about it. Who has the strength to bring about regulations which can atleast reduce the frequency of such situations? I ask this question because people who make laws, pass laws ARE THE LAW BREAKERS HERE!!!!!
So whom do we turn to this time, cause I really think its high time we people make true use of democracy here and govern the rules by the people, for the people, in favour of the people and
which has been the case since time immemorial.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

The Beginning...

Past few days I have been trying to think of a good way to get started with something useful and informative for my first post on this blog. I researched a lot over the internet tried many searches, but I failed. Not that even right now I am sure of writing anything useful to the reader. But I want to make a beginning......an attempt to make a beginning with my posts on this blog.

The best way I thought I would make a beginning is by writing about what I came across the internet during my research, I will share my experince of what I read about the staffing industry during my search of getting some useful information.

I got to read a lot and about a lot more issues than I expected. Though the picture presented or portrayed through these articles is not very encouraging but its indeed thought provoking. It vaguely does give an idea as to what Staffing was all about but where it is leading due to malpractices prevailing in the corporate world. Not that the coporate world has been a paradise for the people in it, but for the Staffing industry it definately doesnt give a promising picture. I am a bit disappointed and surprised, because things have changed dramatically since the origin of the IT Staffing practices.

I tried to track down some historical information about IT Consulting/Staffing. But nothing much I could discover as this industry is also just few decades old. To give an approximate date it all started around the 1990's when the computers and jobs affiliated to them started making prominent presence in the market. Gradually, more and more people moved into the IT sector, with large number of them being immigrants from asia, europe, canada etc, but the dial slowly shifting more towards the asian immigrants. Today you will come across maximum asian origin people who are proficient IT Professionals and maximum of them are part of the IT Staffing industry.

This prominent dominance of asian people in this sector lead for USCIS to fomulate new work authorization visa in the year 1992. the same year when the IT Staffing started holding its grip to become one of the biggest IT service sectors in the fields of Information Technology. This did make a dramatic change in the technology advancement in IT, as more and more skilled foriegn professionals were hired.

But today if you look at the overall picture you get a feeling that somewhere something is not right and not in its place. The speed and the amount by which this inflow of IT professionals has poured in and resulted into a bit of a setback, for the very motive why it happened or was allowed to happen. Staffing is an amazing field whether you are an IT Consultant or a Non-IT consultant, Staffing industry and in particular IT Staffing industry holds large potential for its inmates, be it the consultant or the staffing firm, both can expect to flourish at an equal and amazing rate.

But today's picture, perception or views for staffing are no longer what they used to be......there are number of issues, factors, policies, and many unknown clauses responsible for spoiling the bigger picture. Its not that the Staffing industry is an exception in having its reputation spoilt, rather every sector you work in or wish to work in have their own pros and cons. But how strong an impact these cons make on the grass root level (In case of Staffing the consultant) it matters.

I dont intend to discuss those negativities here atleast not in this post, but it appears that for new entrants into the staffing industry, we or the people already in staffing need to work extra or take extra efforts in the light of giving them a promising picture of this intriguing industry.

We need to make a good beginning to accomplish it.......a beginning which can bring in the goodness of its reputation.....back.

Monday, February 5, 2007


Welcome to the staffing blog. This is my first post here, so I thought may be to start with an editorial section first, just like any magazine has its introduction done by its Editor. The aim of this blog is to share and know more about the Staffing Industry.......thats why I named it as the Staffing Blog. Whether you are part of the staffing industry or looking forward to being a part of it, we can share our knowledge on the same as well as get to know more about it from you.
Its not been much long for me in this industry, you can count me to be a novice........but thats the very reason which inspired me to dedicate an entire blog to it. Till date I have loved being part of this industry and will encourage others to join.....because this industry has the potential to offer high growth prospects with good returns.........and let me tell you these returns are not just financial......but also career wise one can expect good returns, which you will know very soon.
So if you are reading this, which I appreciate very much, then I request you to please keep visiting this blog.........contribute to it as well as let us know how we can make it more richer and better content wise.